What a crazy morning it was this past Thursday. I can now official say that I had honor & privilege to test out my bear mace 🙂 Now, when you think of bear mace you think of defending your life from an actual bear attack. But in my case, I ended up defending myself from a car theft this past Thursday morning with a can of good old Grizzly Bear Mace. You might be wondering, what in the world? I know it sounds crazy, but at the moment it was either use bear mace or grab the loaded handgun.

When it was all said and done, I was thankful I ended up using my bear mace. This is how the story unfolded this past Thursday morning. While sleeping peacefully in my Element, I get awaken by what sounded like snow balls being thrown at the Element. I wake up and think to myself, what in the world is going on? It can’t be snowballs, its not even snowing outside. So I ignored that commotion and went back to sleep.

I get woken up the 2nd time to the same bounding on my Element. Now I am really thinking, what in the world is going on outside? Then I start to hear some voices outside like 2 or 3 people talking to themselves. My first thought leads me to believe that I have been spotted sleeping inside my Element. So I try to lay still and not move and see if these people will leave me alone and eventually fall sleep again.

I rudely get woken up again the 3 time by that same pounding I have been hearing earlier. This time, I had enough of this nonsense. My immediate thought at this point was to grab my bear mace. I reached over to my hiking pack and grabbed the mace out of the side pocket. I then took it out of its case the took the safety trigger guard off. I now was ready for whatever came my way. At this moment, I noticed a guy standing in front of my Element like 100 feet away. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere my passenger window comes crashing in. It happened so fast that my only response was to yell and squeeze the trigger.

Can you believe it, what are the chances of me using bear mace on a car theft? When the window came crashing in, I simply yelled; “Hey, what are you doing?” And at the same time, I squeezed my fire extinguisher sized Grizzly Bear Mace towards the face of my intruder. After I released my hold on the trigger, all I see out of the front windshield is the intruder running for his life. With the mace still in my hand, I waited to see if anything else was going to happen. At the same time, since I fired the mace at such a close distance I started to breath in the contents of the bear mace. I started coughing and my eyes started to tear up.

What a crazy morning! Once the coughing subsided, I jumped into my drives seat and started my car. I didn’t bother to get out of my Element to inspect the damage, but want to leave the scene in case the criminals wanted to retaliate. So I simply drove away to my sisters house. As I was driving away, all that I could think of is now I have to replace my window and clean up this awful mess and at the same time, it must really suck to be the guy that got maced in the face with Grizzly mace 🙂

So to make the long story short, I ended up driving that same morning to (Salem, Oregon) to pick up a used Honda Element window from a salvage yard for $85 bucks. The same night, I installed the window and cleaned up all the glass bits that got scattered all over the inside of the Element. Will I continue to do “Life in the Element?” You better believe it 🙂 Even after this whole incident, I will continue living in the Element.

Now a question for my followers & readers. What would you do in my situation, would you of grabbed the mace like I did or would you of grabbed the loaded gun?

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