Hey Everyone,

If you are new to my blog, I just want to say welcome. I started “Life in the Element” last August 13th 2012. For those that can’t count, it will be an awesome 6 months this February 13th. I can’t believe its already been half a year, time flies when your living life on the road. I wanted to update everyone with where I am at thus so far with my amazing Element.


1. Replaced damaged passenger window and got it re-tinted.
2. Installed factory OEM roof rack
3. Installed Thule cargo box
4. Just brought the Element in yesterday for a minor oil leak service at Honda dealer. It turns out that VTEC solenoid gasket was bad. Got it replaced and back on the road the same day πŸ™‚

I can honestly say that “Life in the Element” has been a great journey thus far. No complaints from my department. As my blog title states, I recently recorded the temperature inside my sleeping bag overnight. It turns out my record temperature was 91 degrees…YEAH! The coldest its been in my Element was just below 32 degrees. My zero degree sleeping bag is amazing and performs very nicely.

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