It’s official, I finally reached the 200K mile club on my Element. I wasn’t at all surprised with my Element achieving this kind of mileage, its a Honda after all. As for a quick update on the Element, everything things seems to be running fine with no major hiccups. The only thing that I need to do on the Element is change the brakes and adjust the emergency brake. I am also considering getting a full interior custom carpet for the Element. There is a company in California that makes a pretty neat full front/back carpet set. The company is called South Coast Accessories. The price is a bit steep at about $279.00 for a deluxe full carpet set.

With summer in full swing, I am getting closer to my 1 year Anniversary when I first started “Life in the Element.” I still can’t believe its been almost 1 year. After all this time, I am still digging living out of my Element, it simply works and fits my lifestyle. The longer I have been continuing this Element life journey, there is one question that I keep getting asked by people. The most common question I continue to get asked is, “Where do you live?” It’s a pretty straight forward question, but when asked, I sometimes hesitate to answer because my living situation is not a normal way of life here in America. So to keep my answer simple and to the point, I simply tell people I live life on the road. How would you guys answer when meeting someone for the first time? I remember getting asked this question when I went out with this one girl. Now from my understanding, when you tell a girl you live in your car it then becomes a bit awkward, especially on a first date. So when the question was asked, I simply told this girl, my living situation is a bit different….you should check out my blog to understand what I am talking about. It was at this point, that she became very curious to what my living arrangement consisted of and started to ask more questions.

Long story short, I ended up explaining to her that it’s best if you read my blog first to understand why it might be awkward to tell you this on our first date. At the end of our date, we said our goodbyes and soon afterwards I texted her the address to my blog. For all those that are curious to what she said, let just say, that she wasn’t at all that surprised about my living situation. She was more interested in how I spent my days and how I managed to life in a car in Seattle.