Well, today marks my 1 year anniversary since I start my journey of doing “Life in the Element.” What can say, time flys when your living life on the road. To celebrate this special moment in time, I ended up having pizza delivered my Element. I parked myself right in front of Kerry Park, with an amazing view of Seattle in the background and simply ordered myself a small Greek pizza for delivery.

So as I am about to place my order order, the employee as me for an address. I tell him that won’t be necessary, you can simply deliver it to my car. I am parked right in front of Kerry Park here in Queen Anne. A little be confused, he asks what cross street is that. As I tell him the cross street, he continues to take my order. Now if you were on the other line receiving this pizza order, what would you be thinking when a guy wants his pizza delivered to his car?

As I finished my order, the guy tells me it will take about 30mins. In the meantime, I step out of the Element and take in the amazing view of downtown Seattle from Kerry Park. As time was winding down, I get back into my Element and wait patiently for the pizza. In just a few minutes, my pizza finally arrives. I turn on my side marker lights, as the pizza guy walks towards me. I roll down my window, the guy hands me the pizza and I sign my receipt. As the pizza guy starts to walk away, he tells me nice view and great idea.

With a fresh box of Greek pizza and a can of Pepsi, I sit back in my drivers seat as I reflect on the year of living in the Element. It’s been an amazing year while doing “Life in the Element.” As I am texting friends & family about my 1 year Anniversary achievement, I start to ponder about how long I will continue to do life in the Element. While trying to get into a Nursing program, I have decided I would continue “Life in the Element,” until I finish nursing school. As the moment stands, I don’t have a specific date in mind, but feel that “Life in the Element” will continue for the time being.