As fall just started to surface into our forecast here in Seattle, I have decided to continue to stay in school fall quarter at Bellevue College. With school now in session, I will continue to do “Life in the Element.” At this point in my journey of living simple, I still find it super convenient to continue to live out of my Element. Most people by now, would probably argue that this lifestyle has to end someday. And I agree, someday “Life in the Element” will cease to exist. But until that day, I will stretch myself to live simple and enjoy what comes my way.

With summer now back in my memories, I found myself every weekend either hiking or going on road trips. The big highlights of my hiking adventures would include hiking the Seven Lakes Basin loop in the Olympic Mountains and hiking the Wonderland Trail loop around Mount Rainier. With all the photobombing I do on Instagram, some friends think I live in the wilderness with all the nature images I post.

As far as my Element goes, I haven’t had any really issues arise from a mechanical point of view. The Honda just keeps running with the basic oil changes and fuel it continues to consume by the gallon. I found myself hitting an all-time new MPG record at 26.54 mpg on Chevron regular unleaded. Keep in mind that the Element is driven with a Thule Skybox cargo box at all times. One of these weekends, I am going to remove the roof rack and see what kind of gas mileage I am going to achieve. I am hoping my Element will hit at least 28 mpg.