Hey everyone, I finally decided that my silence was long enough and that “Life in the Element” needed an update. As I finished up fall quarter last year with school, I decided that I needed to head out on an epic road trip with the Element. My plan for this road trip was to complete 3,000 miles in less than a week. When all said and done, I left Seattle Dec. 18th 2013 right when I got off work. My first destination to reach with non-stop driving was Sacramento, California. Once I reached Sacramento, I contacted my friend Amarili and crashed at her place for the night. It was nice to be given a bed and a place to sleep for the night. Thank you Amarili for your hospitality. The next morning, my next destination was Yosemite National Park. For those who have never visited Yosemite before, it is a must sight to see. Although I didn’t stay for a super long period of time at Yosemite, just the opportunity to visit the park was incredible. The park is still open with lots of touristy people snapping pictures along the way. I also thought it would be a good idea to attach my GoPro Hero cam onto the front bumper for some nice wide angle photographs along the way.





After leaving Yosemite in the afternoon, my next goal was to reach Zion National Park in Utah. Since being on this road trip meant long hours of driving, I was finally able to put my Element to the MPG test again. Before I took off from Seattle to begin this road trip, I decided I would remove my cargo box from my roof rack system to achieve the best MPG. As a result, I am happy to announce that I have achieved an all-time high of 30.27 mpg with my Element. For fuel, I used regular unleaded gas from Chevron. I was able to get 366 miles to a full tank. Since I was only able to accomplish this 30 mpg feat once, it made me super excited to know that it is possible to achieve over 30 mpg in a Honda Element. With that being said, the right conditions really have to be at hand. My goal on the road trip was to set the cruise between 60-65 mph to see what kind of gas mileage I would get. Since hitting 30 mpg was rare, my most consistent mpg with the Element was about 27 mpg. Not bad for an SUV that is shaped like a box going down the road.


Upon reaching Zion National Park, I stopped to eat breakfast just before entering the park Saturday morning. I have never visited Zion Park before, so it extremely excited to see the nature beauty this place had to offer. The pictures speak for themselves….




As I finished my short time at Zion National Park, I decided to make my way towards Coral Pink Sand Dunes. I have never visited a sand dunes before and was interested to see what it was going to be like. With temperatures dropping, I made my way to the sand dunes and stopped to take some pictures of the place. If you are wondering, the orange/pink colored sand is pretty awesome.




After snapping some pictures of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, I started to make my way towards Bryce Canyon. With nightfall approaching, I decided I would spend the night in a hotel, simply because I wanted to take a shower and clean up. Upon waking up the next morning, I checked out of the hotel and started walking towards my Element. I reached my Element and noticed that it was covered with fuzzy frost.


As I scraped the ice off my windows and warmed up the Element, I made my way towards Bryce Canyon. Since it was still winter, there wasn’t as many people on the road or tourists flooding the national parks. I reach Bryce Canyon and was simply blown away with its stunning view.



As I looked at my clock, I figured it was best to start heading home. I wish I could travel the country longer, but responsibilities and work awaits me back in Seattle. This road trip with the Element was simply amazing. The Element performed flawless with no issues to address. If anyone is considering to purchase a vehicle for road trips, I would hands down recommend the Element to anyone looking for great MPG’s, dependability, and lots of cargo room.