I was not expecting “Life in the Element” to suddenly come to a hault. For some reason, after my last road trip, I felt that God wanted me to stop and move to the next chapter in life. I don’t know why all of a sudden I had a change of heart, but I felt that it was the right thing to do. I was expecting to do “Life in the Element” for at least 2 years. With that being said, there was nothing that all of a sudden happened to me and I was forced to quit living in the Element. Nothing happened, but a feeling that I needed to move on. When I look back at this whole adventure of living out of my Element, I wish I could of started it sooner in life. Living out of my Element was so practical and simple. For me and the lifestyle that I choose to live, it just made sense.

So you might be wondering, what now? Where will you live? Will you keep the Element? It turns out that I have sold my Element and moved into a small studio in downtown Seattle. My last night in the Element was January 19th 2014. I still can’t believe this has happened so fast. Like I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t expecting for “Life in the Element” to end so soon. I ended up finding a local buyer for my Element and sold it the same day I moved into my tiny studio. As I am writing this blog entry, it still feels that I own and have the Element. I guess when you have been living in your vehicle for about 1.5yrs, you somewhat become attached in someway.

I believe that memories and experiences in the Element, will always be treasured and looked back upon. I have learned so much about myself as a person and what it really means to live a simple but basic life. I truly believe anyone can live inside a vehicle, it comes down to a matter of choice. To say you can’t would be false, to say you can would be true. Are you willing to challenge yourself in this life? What if you go outside of your comfort zone and truly go into the unknown. What will happen? What will people think of you? I think that’s the beauty of doing something totally outside of the norm. If you ask any normal person living in the USA, they would not choose to live inside of a vehicle for the sake of adventure. Now I am not saying the people need to live inside a vehicle to experience life or adventure. What I am saying is to get outside of your comfort zone and experience your crazy ideas or daydreams. Stop thinking what other people might say and grab courage and be bold in your adventures. Who knows, you might have a life changing experience that will benefit you in the long run.

So what’s next for myself? Well for starters, I have decided to try something new and different. Since I just recently moved into a studio, I decided that I would like to dedicate my studio for couchsurfing. I am looking to host as many couchsurfing people that I possibly can this year. So far, I am happy to say that I have hosted 6 people so far. If anyone cares to follow me on my next adventure, I will be starting another blog called couchsurf307. I will also have a hashtag #couchsurf307 on Instagram under my username DLSNAPSHOT if anyone cares to follow me.